CareAline® Benefits

CareAline® Products are the first, truly functional Line Management / Risk Management garments for PICC lines, Central Lines, and various feeding tubes. They keep the lines and caps off of the patient’s skin, safe and away from outside risks, and don’t require the use of irritating tape and makeshift devices to secure the lines.

 Benefits include:

  • o   Drastically reduce pulling and breaking of the lines (See proof of concept)
  • o   Keep Caps protected and out of diapers and toilets
  • o   Keep lines and caps off of patient’s skin
  • o   Eliminate the use of additional tape* 
  • o   Improve quality of life and reduce stress for patients and caregivers
  • o   Washable and durable
  • o   Adjustable and versatile for use on practically all patients
  • o   DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED FOR TREATMENT – quick and easy access to lines
  •      Consistent solution to managing lines in and out of the hospital setting - easy site checks
  • o   Soft and comfortable to wear
  • o   Single Patient Use
  • o   Latex Free
  • o   7 Sizes available: Infant to Adult 
  • Designed in the USA - Made in the USA 
  • FSA and HSA eligible. Contact your insurance provider for more information.
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* ALWAYS leave the sterile dressing in place when using CareAline products.

** Our CareAline® PICC Line Sleeves and CareAline® Central Line / G-GJ Tube Wraps are NOT WATERPROOF.  Not to be worn in the shower or bath. Please consult your doctor or nurse for shower/bath options

 *30 Day return policy for retail purchases