CareAline® Wrap

 CareAline® Wraps are unique, one-of-a-kind line management systems for Central Lines, PEG Tubes, and G-GJ Tubes. The CareAline® Wrap is tubular, this keeps lines off of your skin, keeping them safe and put away allowing you to avoid uncomfortable tape or makeshift devices to hold your lines in place.  Caps are safely tucked away while not in use, keeping lines away from younger ones and protected from external elements. 

 Velcro® secures the CareAline® Wrap keeping it comfortable and adjustable

 Wraps are made out of a 94% Cotton and 6% Spandex blend knit fabric, which allows the wrap to stay snug and breathable, while moving with the patient. There are no snaps or metal of any kind, allowing them to be worn during scans and x-rays. Having any kind of line is stressful enough, let us help protect & manage your external lines and caps without the use of tape or sticky wraps.

Protect yours today!    ---   Infant to Adult Sizes

FSA and HSA eligible. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

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ALWAYS leave the sterile dressing in place when using CareAline products.

Our CareAline® PICC Line Sleeves and CareAline® Central Line / G-GJ Tube Wraps are NOT WATERPROOF.  Not to be worn in the shower or bath. Please consult your doctor or nurse for shower/bath options