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What are some of the ongoing issues you and your patients are having with securing PICC or Central Lines?

  • Patients keep catching their lines and caps on door handles, cribs, toys, etc.
  • Lines and caps getting in the way while not in use
  • Caps hanging inside diapers
  • Chewing on caps
  • Caps in dirty hands and dragging along a dirty floor
  • Tape is irritating
  • Tape Infections and Irritations
  • Stressed out parents and patients
  • Emergency repair or surgery because a line caught on an outside object
  • Hundred’s of thousands of dollars hospital spend each year in avoidable hospital born infections
  • When a patient asks you how to secure the lines do you have a solution other than tape, a sock or clingy netting?


CareAline@ Products know the importance of, and appreciate hospitals' missions to provided high quality care. Our products are the perfect solution to add to your PICC and Central Line bundles.

We provide you with a standardized care and secondary securement for lines and caps. Include CareAline® Sleeve and CareAline® Wrap in your standard care regimen for all of your patients, from infants to adults and you will start seeing a drastic reduction in lines being pulled out and we believe a reduction in Central Line and PICC line infections. You and your patients will immediately benefit from CareAline’s solutions to these common issues.



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