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Medical Professionals

Finally the problem has been solved!

Thank you for your interest in CareAline® Products, LLC

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Our products are Class 1 Exempt Medical Devices. We are fully insured and W-9's are available upon request. CareAline Producrts are meant for Single Patient Use


We solved the problem!

What are some of the ongoing problems your patients, nurses, doctors and caregivers face with PICC, Central Lines and G or GJ Tubes 

  • Cannot use tape to secure Lines and Caps
  • Tape Infections and Irritations
  • Caps hanging inside diapers
  • Stressed out parents and patients
  • Lines and caps getting in the way while not in use
  • Emergency repair or surgery because the line caught on an outside object
  • Hundred’s of thousands of dollars hospital spend each year in avoidable hospital born infections
  • When a patient asks you how to secure the lines do you have a solution other than tape, a sock or clingy netting?

CareAline™ Products know the importance of, and appreciate hospitals' missions to provided high quality care for all to avoid uncomfortable tape or makeshift devices to manage and hold lines in place. Our products are solutions to an ever-growning problem: Protecting and Managing the external lines and caps with-out the use of tape or sticky or bulkey wraps. Include CareAline Sleeve and CareAline Wrap in your standard care regimen for all of your patients, from infacts to adults. You will benefit from CareAline’s solutions to these common issues.


Create a better quality of life for patients and caregivers with PICC and Central Lines 

  • No more “quick fixes”. Our products reduce the stress of trying to keep lines and caps safe and secure  - we know first hand!
  • Reduce tape infections since no additional tape is required to secure lines and caps (does NOT replace sterile dressing)
  • Reduce emergency repairs or emergency surgeries to repair lines
  • Potentially save your facility money by reducing the amount of emergency surgeries or repairs, as well as reducing the amount of tape infections
  • CareAline products can be worn through treatments and scans
  • Give your patients and caregivers a better quality of life when they have PICC and Central Lines 
  • Single Patient Use



Thank you for your business, and for making CareAline® Products your standard of care for PICC Lines, Central Lines and Various Feeding Tubes

Made in the USA - Patent Pending