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CareAline Central Line Wrap Info

Our Award Winning CareAline Central Line Protector Wraps are unique, one-of-a-kind, line management garments for Central Lines, ports, PEG Tubes, and G-GJ Tubes. Innovated out of necessity by our founder for her own child battling the pediatric cancer Neuroblastoma. Patient Safety is our #1 focus. Our wrap has features that help keep patients with vascular access infusion lines SAFE and make having a CVC a little bit easier. 

What is a Central Line?

Central venous catheters (CVCs) are also called central venous access devices (CVADs), or central lines. They are used to put medicines, blood products, nutrients, or fluids right into your blood. They can also be used to take out blood for testing.* Central lines are used in pediatric and adult patients for various reasons including IV/parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, antibiotics, hydration, other medications and blood draws.

Infusion Central Line Control

The CareAline CVC Wrap keep lines off of your skin by routing lines through our patented tubular design.  This allows you to avoid uncomfortable tape or unsafe makeshift devices to hold your lines in place. In addition, this keeps the lines from digging into and rubbing against your skin, which can cause lines to breakdown and irritate your skin. Your infusion lines will be stable so they won't flop around catching on things. Tape is not a safe or effective means to secure your lines and it is NOT an INS approved securement device. Tape is irritating and hurts. Velcro® secures the CareAline® Wrap keeping it comfortable and adjustable. 

Cap/Port Control

Our products route vascular access infusion lines off of the body and provide a safe spot for the cap(s). This means caps won’t be flopping around inside the shirt for a teen or adult going to work or dragging along the ground risking dislodgement or potential Clabsi’s. Pediatric hospitals see caps in diapers frequently. This can (and very often does) cause a Central Line associated bloodstream infection (Clabsi).

Out of sight out of mind

You can avoid uncomfortable tape or makeshift devices to hold your lines in place. Simply wrapping your body in that irritating stocking or plastering tape or site dressings all over is not good enough and still exposes your lines and caps to bacteria on your skin. CareAline garments are designed to keep your lines safe, secure and private minimizing the risk of damage, discomfort and potential infection. We want to help you avoid accidental line dislodgment's, which are a common problem. There is nothing more irritating that caching caps on external objects or lines and caps dangling down between the shirt. 

Having a Central Line is stressful enough, let us help protect & manage your external vascular access lines and caps without the use of tape, socks or sticky bandages.

CareAline Central Line Wraps are made out of a 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex blend knit fabric, which allows the wrap to stay snug and breathable, yet comfortable during everyday activities. There is no metal, allowing them to be worn during scans and x-rays. 

Order yours today. CareAline is the #1 Choice for hospitals. Hospital proven and approved. Having any kind of infusion line is stressful enough, let us help protect & manage your external lines and caps with Effective Line Management from CareAline.

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