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How will I benefit from using a CareAline® product? 

CareAline® products are designed to keep lines off of the skin and protected from external contaminants. Your risk for infection and line injury will be lowered significantly, giving you a chance to focus on why the line is there; your treatment. You can wear the product while your line is accessed and its easily moved to the side for a site check. When at home or in the community, you will be provided with the privacy and security to live your life free from hanging lines and wandering eyes.

What kind of lines are they used for?

CareAline® Sleeves are designed to cover and protect PICC lines in the arm or leg. CareAline® Wraps are designed for Central Lines and G/J and PEG tubes, and may work for other lines and tubes in the torso. Both the sleeve and wrap are available in sizes ranging from infant to adult.

Do you have any other ideas on how these products may be used? 

Let’s talk about it! Contact us at Info@CareAline®.com or call 617-548-7419.

How do wash my CareAline® product?

Keeping your line garments clean is an important step in protecting yourself from infection so we recommend washing every 1-3 days and when soiled.

Fasten the Velcro® on the CareAline® Wraps (this way nothing else sticks to the Velcro® while washing). All products can be washed on any cycle and we recommend drying on a medium heat.

During your hospital stay, you can certainly wash in the sink and lay flat to dry.

Proper care of  your CareAline® garment will extend the life of the product. 

Do you use antimicrobial fabric?

This is a big no and question that comes up often. After discussing this topic with infection control experts, unanimously the recommendation was to avoid using an antimicrobial coating on our products. For more information…  

Where is CareAline® made?

CareAline® is proudly made in the USA from all USA sourced materials.

Manufactured in and shipped from Fall River, Massachusetts.

I’d love to meet you. Do you have any public speaking events scheduled? Can I invite you to speak at my event?

Yes to both! Kezia, our CEO & Chief Innovation Officer is honored to have been asked to speak at several medical conferences, panel discussions, Hack-a-Thons and Innovation Summits.  

Starting this company during her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while grieving the loss of her daughter to neuroblastoma has given Kezia incredible insight and empathy. This insight is invaluable when speaking publicly as Kezia is not only the innovator of this product but is capable of drawing from her own experience as a cancer patient and mom. Having the capability to understand the product from a consumer level can, in many ways, be an asset to your panel discussion, conference or research project. 

To book Kezia to speak or participate please contact her directly at Kezia@CareAline®.com or call 617-548-7419


Are you working on any other products?

Helping people and problem solving is our passion so we are always working on new products! 

Do you have an idea or a need? Share it with us! Email us at

What size do I need? Click Here

To determine what size you need, using a soft tape measure, starting at the point of insertion where your line is located, measure around the part of the body where the product will be used (arm, leg, torso, abdomen, etc.). Use the sizing chart below. 


For the sleeve















For the wrap