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Who Needs a CareAline?

CareAline Sleeves are designed for people with PICC lines in their arm or leg. CareAline Wraps are designed for people with Central Lines (Hickman, Broviac, Groshong, etc.) in their chest or torso. CAL wraps can also be used to manage Gtubes G/Jtubes and Peg tubes. (They may also work for peritoneal dialysis catheters.) CareAline Sleeves and Wraps help keep any ambulatory patient - pediatric and adult - safe by effectively managing the line at all times.

What size do I need?

How to measure:        Sleeve video       Wrap Video

CareAline® Sleeve    CareAline® Wrap

1- 4-6in 10-15cm        1- 16-19in 40-49cm

2- 6-8in 15-20cm        2- 20-25in 51-64cm

3- 8-10in 20-25cm      3- 24-30in 61-76cm

4- 9-11in 23-28cm      4- 29-35in 74-89cm

5- 11-13in 28-33cm    5- 34-40in 86-102cm

6- 13-16in 33-40cm    6- 39-45in 99-114cm

7- 15-17in 38-43cm    7- 44-50in 112-117cm

How do I care for my CareAline?

CareAline® Products are for Single Patient Use.

We recommend you wash and dry your garment every 1 - 3 days.

If soiled, it needs to be washed right away.

Washing your products on a regular basis keeps them clean. Keep in mind that constant wear will cause stretching. Washing and drying them will return them to original size.

All of our products can be machine washed on any cycle

We recommend machine drying on a medium heat cycle

Fasten the Velcro® on the CareAline® Wraps - this way nothing else sticks to the Velcro® during washing and drying.

How Does it Work?

Check out our instructional videos!



How Can I Get One?

Click Patient Shop on our menu to order right here on our website.

If you are a medical professional, please make an account, and then contact us so we can change your account to "wholesale." 

Can I use a Wrap for my Gtube?

Yes! CareAline wraps work to manage feeding tubes for people using Gtubes, G/Jtubes, and Peg tubes. They may also work for peritoneal dialasys catheters as well. Did you use your sleeve or wrap in a creative way? Share with us!

Where is CareAline Made?

CareAline is proudly made in the USA from all USA sourced and made materials.

Manufactured in and shipped from Fall River, Massachusetts

How did you come up with this idea?

CareAline Sleeves and Wraps were created by a mom to help her daughter while she was going through chemotherapy. To read our story, Click Here.

I'd Love to Meet You. Do you ever do Public Speaking?

Kezia speaks at several events every year, as well as exhibits with Mike at several medical conferences each year.More info, and to book a speaking engagement, Click Here

Do you have any solutions for Mediports?

Our wraps have been successfully used by both individual patients and hospitals as a management system for patients with accessed mediports. 

We are always working on new items! We are working on a port specific solution, but it is still in early developmental stages.

Do you have an idea or a need? share it with us! email us at

Do you use antimicrobial fabric?

No. This FAQ is one we are very particular about. We have discussed this with top infection control physicians in both pediatric and adult medicine, and unanimously the request was that no antimicrobial materials be used.