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Founding Story

Our CareAline Story


Kezia developed the CareAline® Sleeve and CareAline® Wrap out of necessity when her daughter was undergoing chemotherapy for Neuroblastoma. Fearful that her infant daughter would cause an infection in, or pull out her PICC and Broviac Lines, and frustrated with the irritation that the tape was causing on Saoirse’s skin, Kezia created the sleeve and then wrap to hold Saoirse’s lines in place while still allowing access to them for infusions. Very quickly, Kezia realized that Saoirse was not the only patient with the issues. All PICC and Central Lines needed the kind of protection that the sleeves and wraps provided.

CareAline® Products, LLC was founded as a way to bring these desperately needed products to ALL patients – both pediatric and adult – with PICC and Central Lines. The purpose of our company is to make the CareAline® Sleeve and Wrap industry standard and available for all infants, toddlers, children, teens and adults with PICC lines and CVCs.

Our products are designed to provide effective line management and security with an easy to use sleeve and chest wrap. Preventing CVCs from getting into diapers, dragging on the floor, being chewed on, and catching and pulling out accidentally is integral in keeping the patient safe while they have an implanted line. CareAline® has been proven to curb, and even prevent, dislodgements in these patients, and we are actively collecting data on reduction of infection rates.

Our products are not just decorative covers. They are fully functional management garments that provide a standard system for protecting both the patient and the line itself, INCLUDING while treatment is being administered through the line. When our products are used, there is little to no need for additional tape, eliminating tape irritation on the skin (*CareAline® does NOT replace the sterile dressing at the insertion site). Our products also keep the lines themselves off of the skin, reducing skin breakdown from contact with the line, as well as line contamination and breakdown from bacteria and oils on the skin itself.

 Our goal is to provide a better quality of life through comfort and safety for patients with implanted CVCs, and their caregivers. We look forward to helping as many patients as we can with Effective Line Management from CareAline®!