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Partner with us to help patients in need! We partner with Foundations to bring products into hospitals, and directly to patients.

Selling to hospitals is no piece of cake, especially when you are bringing them a completely new idea - an effective line management system for Implanted Catheters. Patients need the protection, safety and comfort that CareAline products provide, and hospitals and caretakers need the cost savings and stress reduction! The best way to show hospitals how effective our products are, is to let them use the products and collect data on their cost savings and improved outcomes. Our partner foundations can sponsor these trials at their local (or favorite) hospital(s) to move the adoption process forward more quickly than waiting for hospital purchasing approval. 

Want to help patients directly? Our partner foundations can implement our voucher program to provide products directly to patients on their website or in their preferred hospital(s). We provide a unique code for you to distribute, and you pay each month for the number of products that have been purchased using that code (and you get special pricing!). You can directly support your patient populations and know that you are beginning the process for hospitals to see our products, and start to bring them to more patients who need them. 

Join us to start something big in patient safety and comfort all over the world! 

Email us at to set up a conference call.